Zack has purchased his first pair of shades

I'm back. God I missed him. I couldn't look at his photo for two days, but in having said that, by the third day I could have quite easily remained for a week.

Zack and I had an emotional reunion. That is I hugged him for a good ten minutes complete with tears and he had the hiccups. Not sure if he knew it was me but he did lift his head up to have a good look at me. 

It seems he had a rather good time with his dad so much so that he has reserved his smiling quota for just his dad. Oh yes. When daddy is home it's all oooooh I love you daddy, as for you mummy, you left me for three days you tramp so now you are going to be punished for at least a week.

Summer time has hit us and Zack has purchased his first pair of shades........oh does he rock them. See below.

In an effort to enjoy the summer weather here in Blighty I made Zack a den complete with mosquito net, toy selection and comfortable bathing area. The cat also quite liked it too. 

It was such a shock going away and leaving him but I am so glad I did it. It was as though someone had plucked me from my little Linzi and Zack world and tossed me back into a lifestyle I was living in my twenties. Talking of which, why are these twenty somethings high fiving all the time, I had to do it a lot in Spain and I now find myself making Zack do it. Is high five and a whoop the new way of celebrating achievement?  It took me a day or two to get back into our routine but nothing is as fabulous as spending time with my little man, even if he does at the moment prefer his dad. I'll soon fix that minor problem.


Lovely post glad you had a good time you could have been describing my feelings exactly when I left Elin for two nights. Can't believe how CUTE Zack looks in his sunglasses! And his hair is amazing!!!! God he soooo reminds me of Elin- theses two definitely need to meet!! Would you be up for it over the Summer? Warrington isn't far from us, or maybe we could meet somewhere in between, chester or something??? Sounds like he had a great time with his Daddy ! Keep the posts coming, lots of love xx
Yes the Pants does have ever growing hair, I don't know what I am going to do with it.
Would love to meet up and meet, especially Elin. Those pics in her shorts are too cute.
How is she doing in her car seat? Seems like you have cracked the buggy situation.
Let me know about a meet up, don't mind coming to yours if Elin is still hating the car journey or half way is cool too.

Take care

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