How many bloody birds live in the trees opposite our house?

Things are a little testing. I am battling a cold that makes me feel like I have been run over by a lorry and Zack has decided to wake up in the middle of the night, no sorry, at stupid ridiculous o'clock in the morning for two nights on the trot now.

Dan is losing his patience and I am losing the will to keep calm and carry on. It's amazing what interrupted sleep does to you. 

The first night Zack decided it would be great if we could all get up and entertain him. In an effort to save at least one adult's sanity I took him downstairs at 3.15am. Yes. 3.15am.

Do you know what's on the t.v at that time? Luther with a sign language man. And whilst I sat there with a happy Zack wrapped up in his fleecy blanket and hot drink (I had the hot drink he didn't fancy a horlicks) all I could think was, do people who have a hearing impairment never sleep? Surely that isn't very fair putting sign language on programmes at that time. This lead to an in-head debate about the discrimination of hearing impaired people. It was short lived. Zack fell asleep and I managed to get him back in his own bed and me in mine. All the while Dan was happily snoring away. I was then met by the dawn chorus which lead me to think how many bloody birds live in the trees opposite our house? I think I managed to get to sleep by 6.30am.

Night number two was the night of bed swapping. Following the need for a large nappy change and frantic sneezing Dan could not settle Zack. I refused to move out of protest of being so ill. After several attempts at trying to get Zack back to sleep I suggested we put him in our bed and I'll sleep in Zack's cot. What a stupid idea that was. I felt like a giant person, crunched up with a teeny tiny blanket for warmth. Too top it off, the cat got in so I had even less room. Meanwhile Zack would only relax with the light on so he could see what was going on. As soon as you turned it off he started punching Dan in the back. We even tried three of us in the bed but that was just awful. By 2.30am, pissed off mummy put one small child back in his own bed, snuggled him in, switched his music on and shut the door. The end. He went to sleep. I went to sleep and Dan was already asleep.

I am hoping tonight will give me back my good eight hours that I am used to. I do like my sleep.


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