I swear if he could stick two fingers up he would have done

Today Zack went for another check up on his eyes. We first visited the eye lady who holds black and white paddles in front of Zack. She had a student with her and told him how fantastic Zack was doing and how he really responds at playgroup etc. 

Zack took it upon himself to completely ignore her and the black and white paddles, in fact, he even did a couple of yawns to show how bored he was, not very impressive. She put the drops in his eyes that enlarge his pupils, he really didn't like that. 

We went back into the waiting room to wait for the eye doctor who actually looks behind his eyes. This time when we went back in he purposely tried to avoid looking anywhere but her shiny light. In fact they thought he was very clever at all his avoidance techniques. 

She said that it's difficult to say what he can see but his visual impairment is cortical meaning that there is nothing wrong with his eyes it's just that the messages are not getting to the right place via his brain. She asked if I wanted Zack to be on the visual impairment register. They explained that it means it will help to ensure that he gets all the support he needs, especially with regards to school. Paddle waving lady also mentioned she thinks that you can get your TV license half price. Well where do I sign up then?

That wasn't really why I signed up, I did it because if it means it makes it easier for us to get him the help he needs or into the right school then that's great.

So now Zack is registered blind. However, he was taking the mick that day, as soon as we had finished I picked him up and over my shoulder he opened his eyes wide and looked at them all. They all stood there and said oh well look at him now he can do it when he wants to. And with that he left the room and smiled at them. I swear if he could stick two fingers up he would have done.

What's more when his dad came home he went over to say hello to him and didn't say anything just looked at Zack and smiled. Zack recognised him and smiled back. So much for the register!


Hey loved reading this..filling out the DLA form is the most depressing thing ever, fifty odd pages of me writing 'not applicable' or 'still cannot do this' surely there should be a system for repeat filler-inners lol. Zak looks amazing at the wedding I know what you mean about wishing you could take them to more places, it's hard when you see other kids about especially. Which gastro guy are you seeing at Alder Hey? We saw Matthew Jones, he was very stern but excellent and did a marvellous job on her operation, should the pants need anything like that. Elin was a reformed character tummy-wise after it so it was scary but well worth it. We really need to meet up at some point, maybe Chester? It's sort of half way between warrington and wrexham what do you think? X

Would love to meet up and Chester sounds great. We have a busy couple of weeks this week and next but after that free for a meet up. Just let me know when you are free and we will have a meet up. Linzi xxx

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