They also suggested feeding him slowly over-night

Another busy week. Can't remember half the things we have done but it's been busy.

We met with the gastro doc and full feeding team at Alder Hey. To be honest we didn't really get much further other than the suggestion of putting Zack back on his reflux meds. He prescribed a new one instead of the Losec so we don't have to mess about dissolving medicines that won't go down tubes (another story). They also suggested feeding him slowly over-night. Other than this and trying out different milks the only other option was on operation called a fundoplication, which in simple terms means that they tie the stomach inside to prevent vomiting.

The Dr. wasn't recommending this and the feeling we got that it was something he didn't want to do as we might end up with a child that just wretches a lot. I know for other parents it has worked well for their child but I think for now we are going to continue down this path of the meds and the slow feeding.

We have given it a go for two nights so far. Oh, it's so not good for my sleep. Zack has woken twice in the night to puke, usually about 5am. The problem is once he is up then, he's awake and won't go back to sleep, worse still he wants you to get up so that you can chat to him. And if you don't he just pummels your back with his arms or legs which amazingly stretch like Inspector flippin Gadgets.

We said we would give it a week of trying this technique. If it doesn't work I  am going back to the old pattern and maybe it's just something we will have to live with. Apparently it is all to do with muscle tone, Zack's internal muscle tone isn't strong enough to hold down his food, quite common in children with CP.
Zack has also not put weight on and may have lost a little. Will be asking the dietician for something I can add to the milk for extra calories as there is no way he will tolerate more liquid.

What else? Oh yes, Zack went drumming on Saturday morning. Yep, our friends at Families United organised a man to come along to the Saturday Fun Club and bring with him a load of different drums. The Pants loved it, he loved listening more than playing, but it was a really good session, plus we met some more families which is always a good thing.


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