From now on we go our own way

So the blended diet is going well. We have had avocado, yoghurt, weetabix, bananna, Dairylea triangles and pureed baby food. What is puking. 

A lovely lady I emailed on a forum I frequent very kindly lent me a book about homemade blended formulae and it is brilliant. Packed with information, full of good reasons for real food and makes complete sense to me. There is an article in the book about the psychological impact of feeding your child medical based milk products and how naturally we want to nurture our children with real food. Very often you feel your instincts as a parent are suffocated as you rely on doctors and health professionals to tell you what to give your child. No more I say, from now on we go our own way, I have to trust what I think is right for Zack so you can all get lost with your calorie rich, made-up, sugar heavy milk, the Pants wants his avocado.

The book can be found on this website which is also great for help with feeding children who have difficulty eating orally, lots of good articles on here. 

New Vis

Zack and I have found a new hangout. Well more to the point I have discovered a Starbucks five minutes from Marks and Spencer Gemini. Yep, Burtonwood Services. One happened to be on her way to Gemini when I saw the pretty green sign for Starbucks (for me that's like leaving advertising for a crack addict). Off we went to the other side of the motorway and a medium Coffee Frappacino, bliss.  Also, Zack thought he was on his holidays again as we were sat in a motorway service station, it was win win all round.

The Starbucks lady who brought my drink over asked if I wanted a high chair for Zack. I explained briefly that no it was okay he can't sit very well in them as he has special needs. An elderly lady across from me may have heard the conversation or she may have just noticed that Zack isn't like other 18 month babies but after she finished her coffee she came over to our table. She said "I just wanted to say that I think you're doing a wonderful job and I just hope that you get all the support you need when he is older." I thanked her and told her that we do get lots of support now but that was nice of her to comment.  I would much prefer someone to come and talk to us than just stare, we do get a few starers now and then. A brief stare is fine but long staring, well that's just rude.  Anyway, it was a nice compliment off a lovely stranger. 

Ooh we also saw a coach pull in with blacked out windows. Hmmmmm who could this be, a band, footballers, nope a load of blokes in grey and yellow tracksuits, no idea who they were but I did wonder if we would see any celebrities if we sat here all day drinking coffee frappacinos. Any excuse to fuel my addiction.


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