Only downside is that they fall out

Zack went for a hearing test this week. I explained to the audiologist consultant that I no longer use his hearing aids because I cannot notice any difference. So we had the old hearing test, which compiled of a lady shaking a ball at Zack and him smiling, the doctor calling Zack's name and the strange old science fiction noise. He did respond to all this, it may not have been turning of his head but he definitely heard the noises.

The doctor then checked his glue ear and it was still there and very flat (he does have a cold at the moment). We decided to meet with the Ear Nose and Throat doctor to discuss having grommets put in Zack's ears. This would drain the fluid and hopefully improve his hearing. Only downside is that they fall out and the glue ear can come back. 

I mentioned that we were thinking of getting Zack's PEG changed to a Mic-Key button and would like everything done at once, save having to give him several General Anesthetics. They could effectively do his grommets, peg to a mic-key and a brainstem hearing test all during this one operation. Appointment with ENT man is next week, we will see what happens.


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