Surely his stomach wants to digest some avocado and banana

One was looking back at some past blogs and noticed I had nine comments on one post. Ooooh nine comments. So I took a look. Spam. Spam, spam and more spam. Before I managed to moderate my comments, that is say yay or nay before they are published I seem to have acquired a bunch of them. Comments such as ooh nice blog can I interest you in some luggage, or perhaps you might like to visit the casino and if you have time why not try some of the old favourite, Viagra. Needless to say spam comments have now been deleted, but feel free to comment I always like some feedback.

It's a quiet week for Zack and I, good though as I don't have to dash round to appointments, so we is chillin'.

Zack is on a new food, a high energy one with extra calories. He is still puking. Although I have decided to give him some 'real' food down his tube. Blenderised that is. I think those professional health people frown upon it, I think to hell with them surely his stomach wants to digest some avocado and banana. He had some of this green puree this morning and well what do you know, no puking. So slowly I will add in some real food here and there. Trouble is I have been so used to giving Zack this milk what real food can I give to an 18 month old, do they just eat anything and everything? 

Sainsburys is coming in a bit, they'll have lots of food, maybe it will help my dilema as I put away the chocolate brownies and peanut butter.


Tia said…
Pretty much anything yes, if you can get it smooth enough.

We like bananas and avocados, other fruit and veg pureed down and thinned out with V8 (better than lactulose!), live yoghurts, smoothies, fruit juice. All good for my girls' bowels...
Have notice the change in the bowels...although not so good for me.

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