Zack's first holiday

The Pants has been on his jollies to Weymouth, it was brilliant. Car journey down not too bad, he did a bit of moaning here and there but all in all Dan was very well behaved. Zack on the other hand was quite good. He had a bit of a moan in his seat but it was bearable to say the least. 

We stopped at a caravan park, one of those Haven Holiday places. I have to say I was most impressed but mainly I was extremely excited to be reliving my youth and staying in accommodation that is so close to your neighbour you can here their conversations. Zack thought being on holiday was the best thing. He got to go swimming every morning, then we would go out for a stroll into Weymouth, or Lyme Regis, have a spot of lunch, come back to the caravan, have a nap and then out again for the evening. No going to bed at 7.30pm nope much later than that and straight to sleep in his travel cot. 

Zack had his first bucket and spade complete with paper flags, went on the beach for the first time and watched his Daddy try copious amounts of real ale. I just got to eat a lot, oh and have very nice ice-creams.

Here's some pictures.

Yes Zack, we is on our holidays

I love my daddy

Ready for our day out

Errrm are you sure I can drink this?

First time on the beach


Auntie Sarah said…
This is my favourite especially the bit about listening to your neighbours conversations ... it made me laugh out loud. Holidays are special times, they are times for reflextion and times for love and family ... in fact they are times to reflect how wonderful your family is and how much you love them. Everyday life seems to mask those things at times when we are busy xx
Yes we had a great time, even if Dan was trying to encourage Zack down the road of real ale!
saranne said…
Brilliant! I love the holiday snaps and am very envious of Zack's gorgeous curls...

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