I have to admit I felt incredibly guilty

The battle continues. Last night, well, last night, I have no idea what time he actually went to sleep. I think I fell asleep before him. 

We got him in bed at 9pm and then the moaning and the crying starts. We decided that we were just going to go in every 10 minutes, pat his back, comfort him a little and then leave, under no circumstances were we going to get him out of bed and spend an hour cuddling him until he fell asleep. 

That was the toughest thing I have ever done but we did it and won. I know he may have brain damage but Zack is very aware of what he wants and how to get things. He has never ever not been denied what he wants and he knows this. He knows that if he moans long enough he will get picked up. But it has to stop, he has to learn that bedtime, is bedtime. So tonight we go in for round two, we are putting him in bed earlier and doing the same thing. 

I have to admit I felt incredibly guilty in the morning and he has received a good hour of cuddles and kisses. In fact he wasn't bothered at all about last night, still his same old smiley self. 

Took him to another play-group the other day. He made a new little friend or rather this one year old little boy became a bit fascinated by him. This meant that Zack got prodded on the forehead, a finger shoved in his mouth and his curls touched. Zack wasn't bothered and I thought it was good practice for when his sister arrives, after all he can expect lots of poking and things being shoved up his nose by his sibling.

It's been a nice week (apart from the sleeping issues) as we have had no appointments, lots of them next week. This meant I have been able to do a lot more of his therapy. However tomorrow we are going to look at a school in St Helens, I know it might seem early to be considering him going to (gulp) school but I want him to go to the right one. Have heard good things about this one and they take them from three. There are still others to consider but for now this is our first look and consideration.


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