I haven't a costume big enough

Zack went to take a look at a school this week. I know, not two years old and already checking out his education but you would be surprised how quickly things come around. This school is out of our area but I had heard good reports and they take children in an Early Years setting from three which I think is a good thing.

Dan really liked the school as did Zack. They had some really good facilities such as a pool, massive sports hall, objects of reference by each door to help children with visual impairments and all the extra support such as physio, speech and language and occupational therapy on site. 

There are still other schools to look at but overall I did like it.

In the afternoon Zack went swimming with his daddy. Yes it was the return of Aqua Zack. I didn't go in. I haven't a costume big enough to cover my ever increasing stomach size. So I sat on the side-line and watched for a bit before being told to get up on to the spectator seating and watch from afar. Aqua Zack had the pool to himself and was loving being in his water seat. He also loved being pulled around the pool really fast and they both looked like they had a good time. 

All this busy activity had absolutely no affect on Zack's ability to go to sleep at night and his iron will meant he carried on moaning and crying until 1.15am. Yep. One in the flippin' morning. He eventually went  to sleep in 10 minutes flat after some warm milk and a cuddle from me. This boy is stubborn beyond belief. And oh yes, the evening is also not helped by the fact that as soon as night comes Zack takes a dislike to his Daddy. Don't know why but he just won't settle with him which makes my life harder but then I can understand why I am his favourite....I am prettier.


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