Zack has been responding more

Zack has decided to have a new sleep pattern, which works for him but doesn't work for me. Since Christmas and possibly, since being ill during Christmas, gone are the evenings of putting him to bed by 7.30pm. Now we are lucky if he gets to sleep by 9pm. No matter how tired he is he will NOT go to sleep. We have tried everything, ignoring his crying, not ignoring his crying, staying with him, not staying with him. He's in bed, he's out of bed. I am hoping that this is just a phase and will pass, please let it be a phase as every night is a challenge to see if we can get him to sleep before 10pm!!

I have been trying to get a lot of appointments sorted out as come March we will all be very busy with a new little person.

Zack is going to have a sister, not sure how he feels about that but we are very excited to be expecting again, although I am now eight months pregnant I am at the stage were I would like my body back. However, so far all is going well, (fingers crossed, touch wood) and I am hoping that this baby will decide to stay there until the bitter end.

Since the last couple of months Zack has been responding more and more to his toys and his therapy sessions. When his physio came round the other week she was very impressed with how straight his back is becoming and that his hips are looser. She also fixed his standing frame as he is growing like a weed, so now looks super tall in it and holds his head up brilliantly.

Just sleep though you little bugger.


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