Dan has discovered what a lady magnet Zack is

Sleep seems to have found it's way back into our house once more. 

We have increased the Melatonin and for the past few days we have been getting Zack to sleep at a reasonable time. Okay one night it was a late one but that's only because he went to a swimming party (more on that later). We have done the odd night of leaving him to settle himself and he has done so a good few times, even though it meant crying and moaning for a while. However the last couple of nights I have just sat with him, giving him a cuddle and managed to get him to sleep. So we are slowly getting our evenings back. Yay.

At the weekend Zack went to a swimming party organised by Families United. Dan took Aqua Zack into the pool whilst Scarlett and I watched from the balcony.  Well, Scarlett slept and I sweated upstairs, it was tropical up there. We got to chat to some of the families we have gotten to know over the past year and it was nice to hear some positive stories about children who are doing well developmentally. What's more, Dan has discovered what a lady magnet Zack is. He was surrounded by ladies in the pool and told me on the way home that if he was ever single, he'd just take Zack to the swimming baths as he seems to have a gift for attracting female attention. Well, it's good to know Dan has a find a new mate plan using our son. 

Despite having an additional child I have still managed to keep on top of Zack's therapy and we are due back to Brainwave for an assessment in May. And not to exclude Scarlett in therapy playtime I made a little mat and roll up towel for her own tummy time session. See below. Nothing like a bit of competition to help push you forward.

Look Scarlett, you do it like this.

No, like me, look.

Oh and this is what happens when you don't get any sleep.

There was no way I was getting up early.

This was the day Zack had a three hour nap and we got him dressed and took him for a mile walk around the block and he still didn't wake up.


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