We haven't heard a peep from him

Zack is an enigma. I cannot work this little boy out. Now I know I am getting a little boring with the mention of the (SLEEP) problem but seriously what the hell is going on with him. 

Thursday night got him to bed and asleep by 8.45pm. Result. To which Dan replied at 9pm, "No way. I'm off to bed. Goodnight." I on the other hand used my time wisely and went on Facebook and Twitter until 12.30am. Damn those social networking sites.

Friday night, the little bugger was up until 12.30am. And last night, a night when I needed him to go to sleep at a good hour as I had to be up and out the house by 6am. (Car boot sale. I was selling not buying.) He decides that 1.30 am would be a good time to sleep. My alarm did go off at 5.45am to which Dan asked if I was getting up and going to do the car boot. I told him to sod off and not be so stupid. I mean seriously who gets up at that time on just four hours sleep.

So tonight I stick him in bed at 8.30pm. We haven't heard a peep from him since 9.30pm. I am too scared to go into the room in case he is wide awake lying there. Waiting. 

As you can see, there is no pattern to any of this. I think now I have just given up on trying to work it out. It's better to accept the situation and go with the flow. I still hope one day the time will come when he will go to bed and go to sleep without all the drama.

Zack went drumming on Saturday. Dan took him to F.UN Club. Apparently, Zack was not to fussed about his Dad taking him and decided to offer him no smiles all morning. As reported back to me, the Pants gets to the drumming session when a young female helper comes over to say hello to him. He gives her a big smile. Such a flirt. 


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