Dan took him downstairs for a little while

Well the sleeping seems to be getting slightly better but is by no means perfect. By better, I mean Dan and I are sleeping, poor Zack is still struggling.

He has a cold at the moment which is bothering him at night. We are still putting him to bed at a regular time and he still cries. I have gotten him out and comforted him and he still cries so I put him back him. This seems to settle him a little better. Last night he nearly went to sleep at 9.30pm but the fact that he couldn't breathe through his nose woke him up. Last thing I remember it was about 11pm and I was going to go in and get him out. I fell asleep. Woke up at 1.30am and he was still awake. Dan took him downstairs for a little while to settle him. He soon fell asleep and I let him lie in until he woke naturally at 9am. 

I just felt so sorry for him with his cold and the late nights that I wanted him to get at least some sleep.

Other progress is that Dan has spoken with the Doctor and he has said that it is very common for children such as Zack to have this type of problem. He has suggested we up his Melatonin to 4mg and give it to him twenty-five minutes before we settle him for bed. He also told us that it can take up to a month for it to have an affect. So we are going to continue with the routine and the melatonin and keep our fingers crossed. 


Claire said…
Poor little guy and poor you, i really hope you all start getting some good sleep soon. My little guy gets terrible stuffy noses, have you tried saline drops? ooh and put some Karvol on a bib near the head of his bed, this seems to help John when he is struggling with his breathing.
Good luck x

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