I ran into the bathroom to find Dan and Zack minus one gastrostomy tube

Do you remember a while back in this blog I talked about changing Zack's gastrostomy to a Mic-key button? And how we would wait until he was a bit older as he would have to undergo a general anesthetic?

Well, unexpectedly, he now has his Mic-Key button. And had no general anesthetic.

Naturally this was all done in a dramatic fashion as nothing is ever simple in our house. I mean if it was, what the hell would I blog about, all this would be quite dull.

Thursday evening, Dan was giving Zack a bath when I heard him shout Linzi, in his panic voice that puts the fear of God into me. I ran into the bathroom to find Dan with Zack who was now minus one gastrostomy tube. 

Dan had accidently pulled it out when he was undressing the Pants. 

"It just came out."

"What do you mean it just came out, is he okay, did he cry?" 

"No he wasn't bothered at all." And he wasn't, he was just bothered about the fact he was lying on the bathroom floor half undressed.

In the next ten minutes we had two children in the car and we were all on our way to Alder Hey A & E. I knew we had to get there quick sticks as the hole were his gastrostomy had been would start to close up. Luckily we were seen straight away by a nurse who put in a catheter as a temporary measure until we could see the Stoma nurse. 

We were able to feed him through this and were sent home. After a bit of chasing up on Friday we managed to get hold of the Stoma nurse at Alder Hey who said she would put in a Mic-Key button.

I was under the impression that you had to have a General Anesthetic for that but no, apparently that's only to get it out. Hmmm. Seems there is a silver lining to every cloud.

The nurse also mentioned that the gastrostomy is only really a stop gap of about six months and the longest she's seen one in for is 18 months. OH. Maybe our two years is a world record.

So now we have one little boy with a little button in his belly. No dangle tube tucked into his pants, all nice and neat. Here's a picture of one, not Zacks, but an example of what we mean.


Funny how accidents can create a good outcome. Well sometimes they can.


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