Happy Father's Day

Now I know there are lots of amazing, brilliant Daddies out there. But I think Zack and Scarlett have a Daddy like no other. And as it's Father's Day I just wanted to do a little blog about their Daddy. He pops up now and then in these blogs, usually with a humorous quip or a comedic moment but in the dark times he is our strength.

Zack's Daddy was with him at the very beginning of his life. When he was born and put into the incubator it was Dan who got to see him first. He was there when the medical team were trying to stop him fitting. It was Dan who sat with him and stayed with him throughout his first hours and it was Dan who went to him when I couldn't. I sometimes wonder if that bond between the two of them was what kept Zack with us. And I am forever thankful to him.

Sometimes it might seem like Zack prefers me. I do, after all, spend the most time with him and he is a mummy's boy. But Zack adores his Daddy and vice-versa. He is brilliant with him. And is often a voice of reason and logic when I sometimes leap over to panic mode. He is fantastic at doing all the horrid bits like taking him to get injections, or down to theatre when he has a General Anaesthetic even sleeping in hospital chairs when he has had to stay overnight. 

He is Zack's biggest protector and probably chief of his fan club. I think that if Zack could list the favourite things about his daddy it would go as follows:

  1. I love it when my Daddy plays the Silly Bears tickle game.
  2. I love it when my Daddy pretends I am on a car race track when I am in my standing frame
  3. I love it when my Daddy plays rough and tumble with me.
  4. I love it when my Daddy does my bath time.
  5. I love it when my Daddy lets me cook with him.
  6. Most of all I love it when my daddy and I get up on a Saturday and it's just us and we have our breakfast and watch Raising Hope. It used to be Eastbound but that's finished now and Mummy said the swearing wasn't suitable for my ears. 
And now there is Scarlett who funnily enough has now gone from begin Scazzzzzahhh to Scarly Bum. His Princess and the second lady who makes his eyes light up. The other being one of the Kardashians, not sure which though!!!!

So Happy Father's Day Daniel Gould. Thank you, our crazy, different, special family wouldn't be the same without you.



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