A belated Halloween

This is a belated Halloween. You see we were having our own personal Halloween fun in the house of doom the other night thanks to Scarletto the snot machine infecting us all.

Her snuffle took down Zack who was very poorly and had a temp of 39 degrees until the Calpol hit him, then it took hold of Dan and then myself. 

Whilst we did make the effort with Halloween dress up we couldn't enjoy it as much as last year thanks to our house of ills. Anyway I still managed some pictures. The first are from the last weekend when they went along to an early Halloween party. Second lot are from the actual day. Note how fed up Zack looks and how happy Scarlett is, despite her ability to snot all over her face. 

Happy Halloween.

Count Zackulaaaaaa

Mmmmm can I eat this?

You look as ridiculous as I do

Snot Witch

Poorly Zackulaaaa

Teething Witch


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