He actually considered moving into Bent's for the Christmas period

This snuffle cold rubbish seems to be going on and on and on and on. Got Zack some antibiotics from the doctors, seemed to have cleared it all up for him. Had a couple of back to normal days then, poorly again. Plus Snot Witch is back to her usual snotting. Honestly I am thinking about putting them all in quarantine.

On a brighter note. We have purchased a new buggy for Zack. Well we just weren't getting along with the Tom Cross Stroller and Wheelchair Services just weren't errrm, getting along with sorting out something else for Zack.

Yes the Tom Cross was a good chair and he sat nice in it, but he didn't tolerate it for too long but worse than that it was so bloody heavy, took up loads of room in the boot and just wasn't suitable for getting him in and out of the car quickly. WCS don't seem to take into account our lifestyle and the need for something that is light and easy to use.

But hey presto, we, as per usual have sorted things out by ourselves and purchased a Swifty chair. It was  up for private sale from a lovely lady whose son had outgrown it and she only lived a few miles away. Off Zack and I popped to have a look see, he sat lovely in it and we drove away the proud owners of this......

At the weekend we took Zack and Scarlett out to Bent's to look at the Christmas lights. I've mentioned Bent's before, the expensive, posh garden centre. They have a little model village on display complete with fairground attraction. It's my favourite part, I always want to live in the model village. Sorry I digress.

Yes, so Zack road tested his new buggy. Last time we took him to see the lights he had lots of seizures. This time he loved it. I mean really loved it. He was so happy in his buggy, we even managed to sit down have a cup of coffee and a cake (Pecan Pie gorgeous) without him sitting on our knee. Dan was so delighted at how much The Pants enjoyed himself that he actually considered moving into Bent's for the Christmas period. 

Scarlett on the other hand was not impressed. At one point she looked at me, puffed her cheeks out and let out a load sigh. What does a nine month old want in life? I hope she isn't starting as she means to go on by finding everything completely dull. Well that's not entirely true she seems to like Cher Lloyd. So does Zack. This is unfortunate. I need to rectify that travesty.


Claire said…
oh I like the look of the new wheels, we are currently looking for one for John because WCS won't provide one till he's 3.
Have you seen these..
they look fab I'm thinking of getting one for the littlest when John gets his buggy.

oh gosh yes what a fab idea. I remember seeing these ages ago that would be fab for the Pants and Scazzah. Thanks very much. Thats rubbish about not providing help until he is 3, what are you meant to do until then? Ridiculous.

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