I thought no more of it

Bad news first.

Stupid Disability Living Allowance form is in front of me. Or as I like to call it the book of 'What Zack can't do'.

Yes I have to fill it in once again. Tell them all about the fact Zack can't walk, speak, eat, or see properly. Makes him sound like he can't do anything. I tell you, the Zack on paper is nothing like the Zack in reality. Still, tis but once a year (my Christmas treat) and upon completion Zack can continue getting benefits that we use to buy him equipment that help him with day to day living. 

Moan over.

Good news now.

Some Primary Care Trusts will fund a block of therapy at Bobath. This is a centre which specialise in physiotherapy for children with Cerebral Palsy, our physios are meant to be Bobath trained. 

Here is a link to their website tells you lots more about it all.

Well a while back I asked Zack's consultant if she would put in the application for funding a block of therapy for the Pants.  I thought no more of it and then on Friday evening I got a phone call from her saying that they are going to provide the funding for him to go along for a block of therapy sessions.


Very happy for The Pants. Not so happy having to spend two weeks around the Village. Still we can make it into a little holiday. Every cloud and all that.


Tia said…
Why do you have to do it every year? I wrote on the girls' that their conditions were lifelong and unchanging and got in return an award until 16th Birthday. Grim stuff though....
Well really. Now why has no-one told me that before. Is this common knowledge. Blinking heck thanks Tia, right I will add that in to the additional information. Hopefully that should put an end to this form filling. x
When I filled the first one out, I wrote cerebral palsy was lifelong and does not change. In return I got an award till they are 16. I dont see why I should do it each year either.

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