Run with your gout

Where have the weeks gone? They've disappeared into a black hole known as my life.

We've had a very stressful few weeks. It hasn't helped that Scarlett got the cold beyond all colds. Well, what do we expect when you take her to a soft play area within which she finds the dirtiest looking ball to eat. Oh and follow this by letting some little girl kiss her on the lips a few times. 

This then led to Zack getting sick, vomiting and having a general snotty cold. Which he is still getting over. This then leads on to more seizures and us holding off on increasing his medication just in case him being ill is the cause of the influx in tonic spasms.

And then, I get sick which is even worse because dealing with two crying children whilst your head is banging, your throat is sore and your nose is snotty is bad, bad news.

Okay. Everyone breathe out because things are now a little calmer.

Scarlett's cold is gone. Zack is on the mend and off the Clonazepam. He is actually off it a bit quicker than I would have liked simply because the chemist gave us a different strength of his medicine for his repeat prescription. This small matter, I only picked up on when I looked at the label. We've been giving him half his dose for a few days so now we just dropped it off completely. 

His seizures are becoming longer in length but not as many. Still too many to be having so I think we may have to increase the medicine. I have a gut feeling though that this one doesn't work for him. Another one we can chalk up on the board. 

It's nice to see him getting back to himself though and showing his rather wicked sense of humour. His poor daddy you see, he has gout. Quite painful I believe. One evening, Scarlett was going to practice her usual act of pulling herself to standing by grabbing on to the T.V stand. Not good when you have a flat screen tv wobbling and threatening to smash on top of her head at a moments notice. 

I shouted for Dan as I had Zack sat on my knee. 

"Come on, quick, run with your gout, run with your gout." To which Dan hobbled as fast as he could and at the same time Zack went into a fit of hysterical laughter. Proper hahahahaha laughter. Obviously seeing his father in pain is extremely funny especially when his mummy tells his daddy to speed up using his gamy foot. What a strange child. It was funny though.


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