We had the pee and poo nurses round today

Zack's back at nursery. So far he's played outside. Had a massage. Decorated a biscuit. And played in the sensory room. 

I was worried about sending him back after all the problems with his seizures but the staff were happy to care for him and he's in safe hands. I think he is getting more used to it now. Reports back from his main looker afterer is that he's doing lots of smiles and laughs and even shouts when he doesn't want to go in his seat. That is one little boy is getting his own way.

We had the pee and poo nurses round today. Okay. The incontinence nurses. They're the ones who hand out the free nappies. Apparently you only get four, that's all you're allowed. I said I didn't want any yet as Zack can still fit into the big size nappies. I didn't feel comfortable taking them whilst we can still get hold of the nappies to fit him. 

We discussed toilet training. They started off by saying, until a child is developmentally ready or mobile it's hard to potty train them. I said, well some children can't walk, talk or sit independently but they understand what's going on so surely they can be potty trained. They did agree and said that they think it's every child's right to try to be potty trained. Well okay then.

Moving the conversation along I discovered there are potty chairs (a bit like the chairs used in conductive education) that they have given to families to try to get their child to learn to use the toilet. I told them that the O.T couldn't provide a chair for Zack as there wasn't one small enough. I think the O.T is thinking Zack needs a chair that is more supportive whereas I know with help he can sit on one of these special potty chairs. 

This is the one I think they mean.

Potty Chair

Long and short of the conversation was that the P and P nurse is going to speak to the O.T about getting Zack one. She also said you never know learning to go the toilet might be his forte in life. Hmmmmm, I think Zack might be destined for greater things than learning to pee and poo on a potty.


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