18 weeks old and already trying to sign on

The weather was rubbish outside so I spent the afternoon being very industrious on behalf of Zack. I sat down and actually filled in his Disability Living Allowance form.

This epic War and Peace form took ages to complete. Parts of it I couldn't complete as they asked stupid questions such as can the child dress himself? Do they need to be observed whilst outside? Do they need help with washing? Duh!!! Of course he does, he's only 18 weeks old.

There was also a nice big space to fill in additional information about Zack's disabilities. I did so. With an extra two pages for them to read. Ha! I'll show them and their big forms.

It's all completed now. So we will see what happens. I don't know, 18 weeks old and already trying to sign on, he better not get used to this!!

Zack has spent much of the afternoon with his dad. Which is great for me as I can get lots done. As I write this Dan has taken him to Tesco's....aaaah his first Daddy and son trip on his own. I did the usual make sure he's got a blanket and a bib and don't forget his mittens.  It's quiet in the house without them.

Lately we have noticed Zack having a couple of spasms here and there. We don't know if they are seizures but we are aware that epilepsy is something that could develop due to his brain injury. 

They usually take place when Zack is worked up. One in particular is when he is very stressed and jackknifes forward, throwing his arms toward his legs and his legs off the floor toward his arms. This last for 5 seconds at the most and then he is calm. The other one we have seen is he will suddenly go stiff and straight, purse his lips and bend his hands inwards, his eyes go quite wide too. Again this lasts all of 3 seconds then he is very calm and alert. They only happen once at one time, they don't come along in bursts of three or four. We are keeping an eye on it and if it gets worse will contact the hospital. We have an appointment with his consultant in August so we will mention them to him then  and get his opinion. I know epilepsy could be something we have to deal with but I really don't want Zack to be put on medication. He is doing so well health wise, no medicine, just his therapies. I just want to try and keep it that way.


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