He gave her his best skunk eye

Today the Zacky Pants went off to have his hearing tested..yet again. The last test, was a fat old fail, apparently most children pass at a hearing of 35 decibels in each ear, Zack could hear at 60 decibels in the left and 50 in the right. We were asked to come back to re-check it, in case his ears were blocked. They gave him another four weeks to revise, I told him there was no pressure and to just do the best he could.
So there we were again, sat in the little hospital cubicle, with me trying to get him to sleep. You see, the baby needs to be sleeping so they can measure the brainwaves in reaction to the little clicking sounds they make in his ear. This doesn't work very well if said baby is wide awake and bouncing off the walls. Getting the Pants to go to sleep isn't too difficult, though he did find it quite amusing at one point and managed to force out a couple of smiles, (by the way the smiling thing is very rare with him, I'm still convinced at this stage it's wind). 

Anyhoo, the two lovely audiologist nurses came in, complete with computer and wires. Electrodes were put on Sir's forehead and behind his ears, then a small headphone was placed on one ear and the testing began. This usually takes about   twenty minutes for each ear, but in my case, nearly two bleedin hours as Zack decided to do lots of stretching and mooching about. At one point, he opened his eyes wide, gave me the evil eye then turned his head to the audiologist and he gave her his best skunk eye ever, that's my boy. 

By the end of it all, his pass rate hasn't change, his hearing is still the same although they also tested his inner ear, which, they tell me has some blockage. A lot of babies get this which means that it can muffle sounds which makes it more difficult to hear. We are going to see a paediatric audiologist, who will most likely send us back to do the whole test again....fantastic. 

In the meantime, we now speak to Zack in louder voices. It's very strange trying to calm a crying baby whilst shouting "There, there!". We also play lots of music for him, loudly. He loves it, you can tell he is listening, but his dad isn't impressed that he has a soft spot for Bon Jovi. I don't know how that got on to the ipod.

Eye test tomorrow.....I hope he's revised for this one.  


L. x said…
What a boy with impecable taste.. BON JOVI! fab!! Keep it playing...medicinal for stimulation of course. :-) Lori. xx
Linzi said…

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