I feel like I am in a very small funhouse for teeny tiny people

I realise in my last post the picture of the Bumbum chair hasn't quite worked, will try and get some new pics of it on here soon. 

I took Zack to use the sensory room in Latchford on Friday, his Auntie Karen came with us. I had booked the room for an hour all to ourselves and it cost us not a penny........I was quite impressed with that considering I was going to spend £40 on Baby Sensory Classes.

So we get to the family centre and oooh and aaah at the nice little building tucked away, then we get taken to the room and oooh and aaaah at the spinning lights. The lady explains how to use the controls for the room.  Meanwhile Zack is checking out the spinning lights and I'm starting to feel nauseous at their endless repetition around the room, I feel like I am in a very small funhouse for teeny tiny people.  The nice family centre lady leaves us to it and we get excited about the nice big comfy leather beanbags and then Auntie Karen gets extra excited about the special little seats for babies. When I spot what she means I too get extra excited, yes, ladies and gents, the sensory room only had the best seat in the world, the Bumbum chair, fantastic. This was followed by lots of screaming about the seat, then Zack got plonked in the seat, followed my more screaming of how cute he looked in the seat. 

By this time Zack really didn't care about the room and went to sleep for the full hour.  So Auntie Karen and I spent the hour gossiping, lying on comfy leather beanbags and relaxing to classical music all whilst messing about with fibre optic lights. It was very relaxing....I recommend that every office in the UK has a sensory room, they're fabulous.

The Pants and I shall be returning for another visit soon, this shall definitely be added onto our list of therapies.

This week coming up is going to be a busy one, we have appointments all week. 

One good thing though, I had a phone call today from a lady whose little boy has a PEG fitted. She is more than happy for us all to come round and visit to see what they look like. I did ask if her little boy wouldn't mind and she enthusiastically explained that he doesn't mind at all, in fact he is often curious to see if other people have them too!!

 Talking of the PEG, Zacks date has come through for his, its on the 15th July. I am very nervous about it, even though we have made the decision I still find it all very uncomfortable. I think for me this is one of the strangest things about being a parent, making decisions for another person. I very much believe that you should be responsible for your own decisions, make your own choices and be in charge of your own destiny (as much as is possible). Now here we are, making a choice for our son to have a tube fitted  into his stomach so that we can feed him. People tell me it's the right thing to do and I know it isn't permanent, but I would give anything for him to not have to go through this. I think I am more terrified of the operation (even though it is only about 10 minutes). Dan isn't worried, he thinks after what he's been through already this will be nothing for him. He also thinks he is a tough little man. I suppose he is but that still doesn't stop me from wanting to scoop him up and protect him from the whole word and lock us away safe from harm. But isn't that how most parents feel?


Neil said…
Reading Zack's blog brings back a lot of memories. He is absolutely gorgeous. I started writing a blog for my daughter Lucy at about the same time because I found that there were very few similar accounts available to me. You will be surprised at how much your blog will help other parents like us. I will add a link to your blog on Lucy's. Keep writing. What we all do with and for our children is so very different from what we were expecting and at times takes all of our energy. Lucy has just turned 5 and she is my little angel. I am sure that Zack, like Lucy will bring you joy and tears. Sometimes it will be difficult to stay positive but Zack is your little angel and he will give you both more than you can imagine. I look forward to following Zack's progress.
Linzi said…
Hi Neil
Thank you so much for you comment. Your blog was wonderful to read and helped me a great deal in the beginning when we started our long journey. In fact the darkest time has been when he was in hospital and we didn't even know if we would be bringing him home. I know now he is with us I shed less tears than I did when he was in hospital, but this is a long journey with many ups and downs. I too decided to write this blog not just to update people but to help other parents like us, there needs to be more out there to help people in those very early days when you seem so alone. I know you have emailed his dad recently and we are very grateful for your advice. I hope you keep blogging I do enjoy reading about Lucy she is beautiful. I too will put a link on this blog when i work out how to link etc. Thanks for reading, I hope it might give you some comfort too. Linzi.

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