As soon as I switched them on he put his head back and went to sleep

Zack had a good weekend. He got pushed around Bolton, all snug in his carry cot complete with waterproof protection and enjoyed a spot of people watching in M & S cafe. His dad and I on the other hand got soaked, battled through Saturday shoppers, struggled to find a seat in said M & S caf. and got stuck in traffic on the way home.

We've nearly finished his nursery now, I must stick a picture up on here, it's looking lovely. Dan spent the afternoon putting up the curtain rails, this resulted in a lot of shouting and swearing, good job the Pants has non-perfect hearing. 

Zack has decided he loves sleeping in his own room. I tried it over a few days and he seems to like his own space and his big cot. I suppose he enjoys looking at the bright walls and pictures in his room and it is better than lying in his carrycot and just staring at grey fabric. Plus I think he was sick of sharing our room, probably couldn't sleep due to his dad's snoring and frequent jumping up in a panic thinking he has lost Zack somewhere underneath the duvet.

Did some movement exercises with his legs and arms today (Zack that is not Dan), he protests a lot about this but in the long run it will benefit him. By protesting I don't mean he screams the place down, just grumbles, typical bloke really. 

The exercises involve me turning each leg inward so they are straight. Zack has a tendency to turn his knees out to the side, which makes his feet turn outwards.  Once straight I bend them up to his tummy and then straighten them flat to the floor, all this just helps to keep his muscles and joints moving. 

He does move his legs about but not lots, I am encouraged that there is movement there. When he was in hospital his legs were always bent and very stiff. Although they are still stiff now, I think they are improving. I also put the Pants on his tummy. Plenty of tummy time is good for him, it gives him chance to strengthen his neck and back muscles. He can lift his head up and turn it to the other side and back again, but it takes a lot of effort and he gets quite frustrated at it all. 

Frustration is good, it shows determination and I would rather he have fire in his belly than lie there passively, even if he does get a bit wound up by it all. If I left it and never did anything I know that he would be extremely stiff and his muscle tone would be awful.

Tried to do a bit more with his arms but he isn't keen on this and fights with me, so I just give in....for now!

On Sunday afternoon, seen as he was so wide awake, I thought I would show him the Xmas tree lights. As soon as I switched them on he put his head back and went to sleep, I mean fast asleep. I did say he was good at playing me for a fool. Never mind, I thought to myself, there is always tomorrow young grasshopper and mummy is just as strong willed as you......I think this may be turning into a battle of epic proportions.


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