If it was Christmas we could open our house as a grotto

I'm sure Zack is playing me for a fool sometimes. Today was yet another visit to the hospital, this time to check out his vision. You see, for this test he needed to be wide awake, what does he decide to do, go into a coma, yep, no amount of moving about, prodding or shouting would wake him. Yesterday, at the hearing test when he needed to be asleep, wide awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

Anyway when we did get him to wake up a little, the eye lady (who was very nice and I can't for the life of me remember her technical title) thinks that his vision is there he just needs more stimulation with lights and colours etc. In hospital he didn't open his eyes properly for five weeks and it is only recently people have commented on how much more alert he is. Technically he hasn't experienced enough visually, this on top of the fact that the brain may be struggling to process the images he sees doesn't help the situation. However she was confident that it will develop we just have to keep stimulating him.....this advice has lead to the following.....
1. Dan dragging out the Xmas tree lights
2. My purchase of a changing colour Finding Nemo magic wand
3. Four spiral wind blower thingy bobs for the garden
4. One Lava lamp dragged out from the back room and placed in dark hallway
If it was Christmas we could open our house as a grotto. 
Eye lady thought that the Pants eyes had good reaction in terms of his pupils constricting and dilating, which means something is getting through. All in all not a bad visit.


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