I don't think she was that keen on him

Zack went to Saturday Fun Club today. He had a power nap. Decided it would be a good idea to relax on a stuffed snake, look at some toys, get covered in a bright pink feather boa and fall asleep. 

Met some more families at the fun club, it is part of the sessions run by Families United. Nice to talk to lots of different people about themselves and their children with disabilities.

An Easter Egg hunt had been set up. All the smaller children went first. Their goodies were hidden in the ball pool. Zack had never been in a ball pool before. Even though he now has his own. Nanny/Grandad Gould bought it for him for Easter but we haven't set it up yet. He liked the ball pool. He found a stuffed bunny rabbit, he's called him Edward. The Pants was entranced by another little girl around about his age, but I don't think she was that keen on him. He moved on. Back to living it up in the ball pool. He also had a cuddle off a nice lady who said she would like another one next time. I don't think he'll refuse.

Appointments have slackened which is so much better for the two of us. We can now do lots of fun stuff, get his therapy completed and have more play time. Lately I have been trying to get Zack to sit upright. It's coming. If I have him face me and he straddles my legs he can almost keep himself upright. He's quite wobbly but at least he is experiencing falling from side to side to encourage his understanding of balance and movement. Sometimes he really likes it if you move his arms up and down very quickly. He gets so excited, he smiles, his eyes get really wide and he looks straight at me. It's so great to see joy in his eyes.


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