I was expecting Gene Hunt to burst through the door

We have just returned from an epic trip to Sussex to continue Zack's therapy at the Advance Centre.

I was dreading the trip down and was not looking forward to four hours in a car with Zack shouting his head off. We had a plan. It involved waiting a couple of hours after feeding him and a dose of Calpol.

We packed up. Got in the car and put the Pants in........cue screaming and a right paddy......for about twenty minutes then whack the Calpol kicks in and one fast asleep little boy for a good 100 miles. Quick stop at the services, one short feeding session later and asleep for another 80 miles.

Zack has been absolutely perfect during our stay. Just brilliant. Not on the car journey home though. The last 70 miles was awful, plenty of crying and nothing could console him except being out of the seat. But his good behaviour far outweighed this small blot.

We stayed in a four star hotel. Yes, I did very well and got us an excellent deal. The Copthorne Effingham Hotel, where dead people and golfers go for their holidays. It was a massive place and the grounds it was set in was lovely but oh my God, it was like sleeping in the 1980's. I was expecting Gene Hunt to burst through the door at any given moment. 

Down an exceptionally long corridor were two blood red mounds that looked like some bad papier mache design of Tracey Island, within which were huge pellets. They looked like giant cat litter trays. I mean what the hell is that about. 

Dan and I hardly got any sleep as the room was so blinking hot and I couldn't stop staring at the bad furniture. As for Zack, he slept like a baby in his fancy travel cot. 

Our sessions at Advance meant that we learnt some new techniques that covers more of the lung area and diaphragm. All seemed a bit confusing at first but having finished it became quite clear. We also had an assessment of Zack and compared photographs of him when we first started to now, and there is a vast difference.

The curve he had on his back has straightened out, he is sitting better, his chest has expanded, his neck is more elongated, you can really see the difference.

It is hard to tell whether this therapy alone has been the over-arching factor that has helped in Zack's development or whether it has been a combination of things. Well, here judge for yourself. The images on the left are Zack when we first went to Advance and on the right is the Pants after doing the therapy for nine months.

Zack's shoulders have now dropped down and his neck is more elongated


Zack's chest was rounded at first, now it has taken on a more defined shape with an expansion across his chest.

I love these next ones.

Look at how well the amazing Pants sits now. Just one hand supporting him. His feet are not as turned out and look at his left leg it was very turned out, much better now. Can I also bring to your attention his 'fro?


Sitting again. Look only one hand, much more control and a lot straighter.


Zack was very rounded and had a curve on his back, now much flatter and no curve. This was the image that impressed me the most. 

Well done Pants.


mamalewis said…
Amazing sitting! Pants the Incredible!

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