He looked rather bemused by the whole thing

The plaster was well and truly pulled off. I did it. I left him. My little Pants all on his own.

I took him into nursery on the Tuesday morning and the lovely staff there asked if I wanted to stay and go for a coffee again. No, no I said, I am going to go. Remarks were made about how I was brave and such, more like I knew I had to do it fast otherwise it would just drag on. 

I gave him a snuggle and a kiss and told him I would be back in a bit. I could feel myself welling up and with that I said to the staff "Okay I am just going to go as I can feel myself getting upset. I'll see you later."

And off we went, Scarlett and I, to console ourselves with a cooked breakfast in Debenhams. She thought it was great as she got to have toast. I actually enjoyed myself as I got some time to myself.

Two and a bit hours later we were back to find Zack sat around a table with four other children. He hasn't got a seat sorted out yet so he was in a buggy with a large snake wrapped around him. (A stuffed snake, what kind of nursery do you think this is?) He looked rather bemused by the whole thing.

Apparently this is what he got up to:

1. Tried a taste of cheese and chives but didn't like it so had some raspberry lip balm on instead.
2. Went in the sand pit and covered himself in sand
3. Had a story read to him and really enjoyed it.
4. Joined in the sing song session with all the other children and loved that, smiled throughout apparently.
5. Went in the sensory room and got annoyed at lying on the beanbag so got picked up and then was happy.
6. Played with some bead type toy that makes music and put both his hands through to join them together (mid-line playing always important).

You can see he had been a busy boy. I know it's early days but I think that they still haven't completely understood his hand actions yet. Take the sand for example, I think the scooping it all over himself which was deemed to mean I like this feeling of sand may have been him getting a bit miffed. It's been mistaken before that his pawing at stuff is him feeling things but it isn't, it's usually to tell you he doesn't like it. I think when I go back on Tuesday I am going to have another chat and perhaps stay to see an activity so that I can show them what I mean.

The other thing is his seating. He was okay in the buggy but he was lying back a bit and I could tell that he wasn't completely happy. I asked them to sit him up and hey presto bit happier. He couldn't quite see what was going on when he was a bit lower. Hopefully the O.T should have sorted out some seating for him next week. 

There is no doubt in my mind that he is well looked after there and he will get to do lots of fun things. I just think that it will take a couple of months to get to understand his mannerisms and little non-speech cues.

Our lovely private speech therapist is going to go into nursery and have a chat with them so hopefully all this will go some way toward understanding Zack.


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