Only if he made a noise.

Zack's speech therapist came for a session this week. She brought some toys. 

She tested to see if Zack would choose between something exciting and something dull and yep, definitely makes choices.

I told her that Zack has changed quite a bit over the last few weeks. He is making a lot more vocal noises. I told her about our little game that we played whereby he would shout for me and I would go to him and make him laugh.

I told her about the other day when Dan and I were cuddling him and stopped only going on to cuddle him again when he made a noise which he did, several times.

So she pulled out some exciting spinning, flashy light toy and yes, he was telling her to do it again by touching her. This time we decided to not switch the toy on when he tapped her but to do it only if he made a noise.

This resulted in Zack having a big paddy. First his hands went circling like mad then his foot stamped and finally he shouted. Bingo. Toy came on and Zack sat bolt up-right. We carried on doing this for a good twenty minutes and he got increasingly quicker at responding until he got tired so we stopped.

It's really tough for him to shout but it turns out he can become vocal when he wants. She's left me the toy to practice with, oh this next week is going to be very noisy.


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