Rip the band aid off

Well it's a week of firsts.

Summer is over, not that we had a summer. Feels like a perpetual Autumn. And with September in place Zack was back to his conductive education. I was dreading taking him back as it had been six weeks without any hardcore classes. I was expecting much crying, shouting and general I hate this commotion. Not one to stick to the plan, Zack spent his first session, smiling and having a great time. Even with his arm splints on he didn't mind. I was a very proud mummy. 

Oh and I took Scarly Bum with me as both sets of Grandparents were away on holiday's abroad. Yes, how dare they book their holidays at the same time, do they not understand planning? It's okay, I can say all this knowing full well they read this blog. Think on next time. (P.S Hope you are having/had a nice time.)

Scarlett was very well behaved. She had a great time rolling along all the mats and even joined in on the sit down say hello to everyone session. Torture school is now known as Boot Camp. We went again today. We are now going twice a week. Zack wasn't as happy during this session, but only cried a little, for the majority of it he worked really hard. I think the twice a week approach will do him some good. 

This week, Zack also started nursery. It's a special needs nursery in Warrington and it's fantastic. He has his own red school bag. It's nearly the same size as him, but I'm sure he'll grow into it. He went for an hour and a half session and I left him their for an hour on his own. I was only in the staff room having a coffee and chatting but he apparently enjoyed himself. Even went outside to play.  I take him tomorrow for his first full three hours. My plan is to leave him there on his own for the full session. You know, rip the band aid off in one painless tug. That's the plan, whether I go through with it is another matter. 

So now The Pants has a busy weekly schedule. Tuesday and Thursday nursery, Wednesday and Friday Boot Camp, Monday day of rest. What a lot of changes but all for the best. I think this will do him the world of good and also be good for me too. Plus I get to spend some one to one time with Scarly Bum who in the space of a couple of weeks has cut her first tooth, moved on to chunky food, enjoys finger foods, particularly biscuits and can almost sit on her own. Amazing. But lets not forget about the first born who now laughs nearly every day and is becoming more vocal. He really is a little star. Busy but good times.


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