He loves nothing better than chewing my little finger.

I have noticed over the past couple of days that Zack has been doing some new things. They are only tiny things but still a move in the right direction.

The other day he was in his walker chair (which he likes...a lot) and it has a little bar across the table with some toy rings on it. He had his left hand on top of the bar holding it and his right hand underneath it, he moved his right hand from underneath and placed it on top so he could steady himself.  Purposeful movement, brilliant. 

Second thing I have noticed is that he is opening his right hand a lot more. Usually when he is on tummy time and he props himself upright his hands are in a fist shape but I noticed on his right hand that he has been putting two fingers out flat. When I picked him up for a cuddle he opened his hand up flat and put it on my shoulder. 

Third thing and this is due to his teething but he has taken to eating my finger, thumb and arm. I had Zack sat on my knee with his back to me and he was resting his mouth on my arm when I heard him sucking away. I gave him my hand and he launched himself on to the side of my thumb he was like a little vampire. Zack never bothered with sucking before but now he really has a good go at it and chomping too. He loves nothing better than chewing my little finger. 

He is also able to prop himself up for longer periods of time and he really pushes himself upright with his right arm. 

I am so pleased that he is using his mouth a lot more and I have even noticed him trying to suck his hand. This is all a good step in the right direction and we can definitely say he does NOT have an oral aversion.

Zack's Nanny and Grandad Gould bought him a ball pool for Easter. We got some more balls for it and filled it to the brim. I nearly lost Zack in it but he found it all very amusing, especially when you cover him in more balls. He is a very lucky little boy to have so many fantastic toys.

Dan and I went out on our own the other afternoon. Zack stayed with Nanny/Grandad Price and were given their first go with the food machine. I set it all up for them and went through the on/off start/stop instructions 10 billion times. I phoned them later, I wasn't worried about Zack I was more worried about them. All was fine, though they did drain off the excess milk in Zack's tube into a mug. That still amuses me. In fact everything was so fine, that Zack didn't even speak to me when I came back. He did later though, he was all smiles and laughs. Ha. He knows who loves him.


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