The teeth growing is taking ages

Zack has been a bit under the weather this week. His infantile spasms have increased slightly. I had got used to seeing hardly any at all so a sudden jump to about ten a day makes you question the reason for the increase. It could be because he has been a bit poorly, it could be because he seems to have five top teeth coming through, or it could be because he is now off the Sodium Valproate.

We have decided to wait a couple of weeks to see if they decrease. That way if they do we can assume the increase has been due to him being not quite right health wise. If they continue to increase then we are back to the drawing board and I am afraid a new drug may be introduced.

Yes, these teeth things are causing a lot of bother. For ages and ages I thought Zack was never going to get any teeth. I thought he would permanently have his gummy smile, that he might be the first baby in the world to never grow teeth. Now, his top gums look all swollen and you can see the tips of quite a few teeth. Nothing on the bottom though which is weird. But then Zack doesn't do things in any normal fashion. The teeth growing is taking ages, he has been extra drooly and the whole thing is compounded because he can't put anything in his mouth to chew and break the gums. 

To help we have taken to giving him our finger to chew. He really does give it a good old chew when you pop it in his mouth. But what he loves more than anything is a bit of Marks and Spencer chocolate mousse. Oh yes, not your plain old Tesco mousse just the good stuff. 

Come to think of it I think it was the chocolate mousse that made him a bit sick the other day. Maybe I should re-think that one.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of the mess. Along with a video clip of an amuse chocolate covered pants. Enjoy.

Can I just point out here that at the end of this giggle fest is what I think some video footage of Dan and Brett shaking their booty to Womaniser, their favourite tune. It was a complete accident how that got on there and now do you know what? I just can't get it off.....oooopsey.


LOVE IT!!! Elin's teeth have also been painfully slow (literally!) and also, her seizures increased MASSIVELY when she was teething, like clockwork every time she gets a new tooth. I am sure the pants' seizures will calm down again once his teeth have broken through. Keep us updated xxx
Thanks Ruth.

Interesting to know that Elin was the same teeth wise and with the seizures too. We'll see how we go. Not noticed many today so fingers crossed. x
mamalewis said…
May is teething right now too! It is taking FOREVER. And we think it is increasing her spasms as well. For a while, when she was in the most pain, they were coming every few minutes, poor thing.

Love the photos and video! He is adorable.

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