Two hours later, we were still walking.

The Pants had a very busy weekend. Saturday was F.UN club time, I think he enjoyed it again. He painted a picture of a frog, completed with a bit of help from his daddy. Then he sat on the floor with the other children to listen to a story. I was watching him sat on his dad's knee and he was having a good look at the floor because it was a brightly coloured mat. Then he suddenly sat up, turned his head and listened to the story. He did some good sitting and some good old listening.

On Sunday we tagged along with Daddy to Wales, Llandegla to be exact. This is where Dan goes Mountain Biking some weekends. The hour long journey there was not so great. Car seat problems meant that we had to stop, puke and then get put back in the chair. (Oh, not us, the Pants). However I have now discovered the difference between I feel really sick face and the I am throwing a right paddy face. 

First off, Zack gets really stressed when he is going to be sick, his face goes red, he crunches over and he pants. When he is having a paddy it's a different story. He does the old kids trick of extending himself into a board, arms go straight out, legs go straight and he tries to lift himself out of the chair, in the end he just pushes himself downwards and is even more uncomfortable than when he first got in. He also shouts at us, it's a combination of shouting and crying.

Dan tried to console him by giving his foot a little wriggle. I told him (in my best super nanny impression) to just ignore him and not reward the bad behaviour. It didn't work. By the time we got to the car park, he was sat on my knee happy as Larry peeking out of the window and taking in the scenery.

We met up with Brett, Sarah and their children Leo and Sadie, who were keen to show us their bug collecting kit, (the kids that is not Brett and Sarah, although they may have penchant for insect collection, who knows).  Dan went off on his biking expedition with Brett (whoooo gnarly...yeah!! Apparently that's what 30something biking men say to each other) and Sarah, myself, Zack, Leo and Sadie went off for a nice leisurely stroll.

Leisurely my backside. As soon as we set off we had to climb a steep hill. I couldn't breathe, nor speak. Two hours later, we were still walking. Still big blimmin' hills. I swear Sarah was secretly trying to train me for some epic fitness challenge. So glad Zack was in his off-roading pram. He did very well, moaning only when we stopped. At one point he was sick but after we stopped and sat down for a well needed break, he fell asleep and off we went........again. How that child didn't wake up as we surged up a steep hillside I will never know. Nor can I understand how two young children can power round a forest and not get tired. Are they super-human?

I must also add that we had a map. Now those that know me, know that I don't do maps. I don't like them, I can't read them and I make no attempt to read them. All those squiggles and confusing colours, no, just no. Sarah did a good job of trying to keep us on the orange route oh, sorry should that be called the 'if this doesn't kill you then try the purple route' route. By the end of it we managed to hoist a pram over a fence and work back along the you know what? There was still at least three flippin' hills to the cafe. 

Having said all that we all had a good time. We enjoyed the fresh air, Dan enjoyed his bike ride and showing us his me-time and Zack found the cafe highly amusing. Plus as a bonus, we set his feed up in the car and he fell fast asleep.....all the way home, how's that for a cherry on top!


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