Holy Moly. I feel like there should be some trumpets playing and a chorus of Hallelujah ringing out from our lounge.

Today Zack sat independently all on his own for a good couple of minutes.

I had him sat in between my legs, with him cross legged. He had his hand down steadying himself and then I just moved away thinking he'll just fall to the side. No. He stayed sat there. I tapped his hand (secret code to get him to lift his head up). Up came his head and still he sat. Eventually he tumbled over to the side but flippin heck that was amazing. 

That's it now we shall be practicing more sitting. So round of applause for the Pants on reaching this huge, milestone.

In fact today he has been in a brilliant mood and found me to be hilarious. God knows why I was so funny today or why he was in such a good mood. Who cares, today was a very good day indeed.


Claire said…
Go Zack! fantastic little dude, keep on proving those doctors wrong! x
Anonymous said…
what fantastic news hun, i love following your blog, your boy is amazing, im on sk as 'criss' x
Anonymous said…
That's so brilliant - well done Zack! Emma
Anonymous said…
That is truly great news!! Well done Zack and well done Mummy.

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