Zack got annoyed again

T'was my birthday the other day. I turned 37. I am not happy about this. So I am cheering myself up by reminding myself that my showbiz age is only 28.

We, and by we I mean the Gould-Price family went for a day out to Ambleside in the Lake District (I know most of you know where that is but I am just establishing the geographical location for our global readers. Yes we have a global audience, big up yourselves international readers).

Plan was to get out of the house for 9am. Get to Ambleside, have a nice wonder round. Go to pub for lunch. Feed children. Have ice-cream. Go home.

This is what actually happened.

Got out of the house just after 10am. Dan then spent half an hour trying to post a letter in the local post office. Got 30 minutes into the journey and Zack was sick. Cleaned him up and calmed him down (he still hates his car seat). Finally got to the Lake District about 12 noon so decided to just head straight for the pub. 

Found a good spot in the corner out the way and actually got in at the right time before all the crowds. Fed Scarlett, she went back to sleep. We order some drinks and food and Zack behaves himself it was all very lovely and nice. 

Left pub went off to Ambleside. Then spent an hour in the car park changing and feeding two children. No suitable changing facilities anywhere. Then got big pram out of the car, got big pram covered over with huge raincover. Stepped into my water proof coat as the zip had broken and got stuck. Went for a pleasant stroll round the town. It was nice for us not so nice for others as I literally took up the whole of the pavement with out massive pram. 

Zack got annoyed again until we stopped outside a toy shop. I got him out and carried him in. Oh, like a different child then. He was looking round the shop smiling. Having a wonderful time. I showed him a wooden stick with an orange elephant head at the top of it. When you shook it the stick jingled. Zack reached out and grabbed it. This meant that the jingle stick was purchased. He never reaches out so that took some effort from him hence toy reward. ( I still think he is having me on and can really move his arm, he's just playing it all up a bit so he can get billions of toys).

We went back to the car and off home. Bloody hell I was knackered by the end of it all. But we had a good day and Scarlett got a thousand good girl points as she was really well behaved. Zack was just happy to be home as he didn't want to go out in the first place. Mind you he went to bed really early so Dan and I enjoyed a nice meal together in peace. Perhaps it was worth all the effort after all. 


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