He was given a certificate

We went back to Brainwave last week for Zack's re-assessment and update of his current programme. 

He was given a certificate to mark his big achievement in learning to roll from side to side. To which he did from left to right and right to left, even though I had already said he can only do it from one side. Cue Zack making me out to be a liar and rolling in the complete opposite direction. 

I was given a graph marking where he is age wise developmentally. He has improved in most areas but most notably in the area of socialisation. The therapists stated how very much more aware he was and how interactive he is, well, yes, he can be. When he wants to be sociable he's adorable. 

In the new programme we have included a lot more mid-line play. This is were we try and get Zack to get his hands in the middle of his body to play with a toy in an effort to break up the reflex patterns that have remained with him from birth. Ordinarily babies will break these patterns on their own but Zack hasn't, so it affects his posture and tone. 

We also have a new piece of equpiment, a large tube. This is for us to roll Zack over from a side sitting position and also to sit astride to encourage further sitting and mid-line play. 

He was brilliant all day long. Full of smiles, didn't cry once and tried at everything. I was so proud of him. Scazzzahhh came along too. She ate a lot (nothing new there) and slept through the sessions. Probably thought we might stick her on a gym ball if she woke up. 


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