There was lots of singing

We went back to Legacy Rainbow House last week for some one to one therapy. 

Zack and I went for an assessment last year in the hope of joining their conductive education sessions. Unfortunately there were no places but his name was placed on a waiting list.

For the interim we were given an hours one on one session. Zack loved it. He got shown how to take his sock off, put it in his shoe and put his shoes on the floor. There was lots of singing and rolling and at one point he was sitting on his own crossed legged on the floor. 

Then he got tired which equals crying so we called it a day. Other good news was that there may be a space for him in one of the sessions. I am really pleased about this as I think that the conductive education will help to push him in areas that aren't covered by any of the other therapies we do.

Here's hoping that he will get a place soon so we can crack on.


Claire said…
Hello, I really hope Zack gets his place, conductive education is brilliant. Me and my boy have been attending a school for parents class at Percy Headley since he was 3 months old, we have learnt so much from the group and I believe most of his progress is owed to condutive education.
take care,

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