This is Zack using his new switches and disco ball.  Please ignore my high pitched shouts of glee, but I did get very excited at how well he did with them. Here's the educational bit....using switches helps him to understand cause and effect. (Plus it's all the more evidence to show he understands what I mean, what he has to do and what happens when he presses the button.)


Zack and his Switch


Anonymous said…
well done Zack! we've joined steps charity, have you heard of it? they loan out switches and switch adapted toys. its so nice to have toys that are actually acessible to Emma. Congratulations on baby Scarlett too, Emmas 21mths and we've got baby2 due in 5weeks.
Oooh no I shall go and have a look thanks for the tip. Good luck with the birth of your new little one I hope all goes well.

saranne said…
What a fantastic clip of the little lad! His smile just got more and more beaming with each hit of the switch - brilliant!

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