Happy 1st Birthday Zack

A year has disappeared so quickly and I can't believe that I have just spent the weekend celebrating this charming little man's 1st birthday. He entered our lives so suddenly and shook our world, everything we imagined about having a child was turned upside down and inside out. For seven weeks we lived in a waking nightmare, terrified of what might be waiting for us each and every day that we walked the corridors of the hospital. Then we got our boy home and I knew everything was going to be fine. 

For some people fine might not be a word you would use to describe the first year of our journey. Roller-coaster perhaps, rocky, yes, enlightening, definitely. The sun shone that day you were born, the season began to change just as you changed me and made everything in my life brighter. Happy birthday my beautiful, wonderful son. I love you.


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