He comes back into the kitchen ten minutes later holding one clean spoon and and empty bowl.

Zack went to see the speech therapist today. We tagged along. She was extremely helpful and patient with my five big questions. I have been getting a tad concerned about Zack's reflux that happens a couple of hours after he has been fed.

He usually has his milk and then pukes a bit back up. Sometimes some of it stays in the back of his throat as he isn't strong enough to cough it all out. Sorry, this post is becoming a bit gross, stay with me it'll be over soon. Anyway, I asked her about this and she suggested we can try to thicken his feeds up a bit to see if that helps. If it doesn't then there are some medicines that can help with the reflux. She also said that maybe when he gets a bit bigger his stomach and all that goes along with it will become stronger and the reflux may then go away.

She thought that Zack's head control was much better and we talked about feeding. I said I didn't know how far to push him with the food and we explained to her how Dan and I have different results when feeding Zack.  You see when I do it I am slightly over-cautious and give Zack a couple of spoonfuls, you give Dan a bowl of food and it comes back empty!

Let me explain. I once gave Dan a small dollop of apple puree to give to Zack, well about 15 small spoons worth with the instructions of just try him with a bit of this whilst I make the tea. He comes back into the kitchen ten minutes later holding one clean spoon and and an empty bowl. "All gone" he casually remarks. "What, all of it?" I ask quite surprised, "Yes, no problem, you just have to get the spoon to the back of his mouth, okay some of it dribbled out be he ate most of it." I go into the lounge to find Zack still alive with a apple coloured bib around his neck. "Hmm" I say "well done."

So in discussion with the speech therapist she said that perhaps we want to just aim at getting six spoonfuls in Zack. That way we have a nice balance between Dan's go for it attitude and my over-cautiousness.

Zack came away with two new toys. They were little rubber toothbrushes. Well that's what it said on the packet but they are just for rubbing over his gums to encourage him to move his tongue to different parts of his mouth. He didn't mind them. There used to be a time when he wouldn't even have a dummy in his mouth so this is a good move forward.

He still has no teeth though. I am starting to wonder if Zack will be the only person in the world to never have teeth. Oooooh he might be a medical marvel.


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