Party, Party, Party

What I have discovered this weekend is that young children can party hard. 

In your head the idea of having a small tea-party at home is a great idea in reality it's crazy, manic, loud, explosive but a wonderful way to celebrate your son's first year.

We invited friends and family round to celebrate Zack's birthday. The house soon filled up with adults and children who pretty much entertained themselves. By children entertaining themselves I mean the following;

1. A spot of football in the garden
2. A spot of tennis in the garden
3. A spot of working out how the hose-pipe works in the garden
4. A spot of fighting in the garden (ooooh that was a bit of excitement)
5. A spot of carrying around a large, fat, ginger cat in the kitchen
6. Giving said fat cat nearly a full box of biscuits (no wonder he was letting them carry him round all afternoon)

At first Zack was a bit overwhelmed with the sudden onslaught of guests so he went upstairs for a bit of a lie down. By 3pm he was back up and raring to go, which meant he got lots of cuddles off various people. He also received a plethora of presents and cards and is a very, very, lucky young man. He even managed a smile and big grin when we all sang Happy Birthday and blew out his candle. Then he needed feeding which was closely followed by a big sleep for a couple of hours. Well partying can be so exhausting.

I on the other hand spent the afternoon running round trying to talk to people, making sure they had drinks, making sure Zack was okay and trying to remember where I last placed my glass of wine. I'm sure I never finished a full glass. Dan on the other hand seemed to have a lovely time mingling and drinking lots of beer. 

We all enjoyed the day and we are very grateful to everyone that came along to celebrate with us. But seriously I need a nice long lie down now.


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