"Well who has some cement just lying about the house then?"

At the moment Zack is in his cot chillaxing too lullaby music and watching his projector lights on his new mosquito net. 

We haven't had a sudden invasion of mosquitos, this is my new fab find. I was in Ikea the other week, looking for some fabrics (another story) and I came across this net that you hang over the bed in a kind of Out of Africa style. I thought this would be ideal to shine Zack's borrowed projector on and sure enough I was right. He loves it. Okay he looks like a little prince in there but all the colours transfer beautifully and now I have one peaceful, happy baby. And one mummy with even more free time.

Here's a link so you can see what I mean.


This happy baby makes a change from yesterday when he was in a bit of mood. By mood I mean whingey. Zack still has no teeth and I can't see any coming through but his cheeks were a bit red so we thought, hmmmm maybe, he's teething. Out comes the Calpol, two minutes later, fast asleep and not a dicky bird from him all night, job done.

Yesterday afternoon I started a project. I was going to put together Zack's new swing. We had bought him the swing seat from a great special needs website called TFH http://uk.specialneedstoys.com/

Nanny/Grandad Gould had bought him a swing frame for his birthday so I thought it would be a good idea to put it all together. I started the project, laid out all my parts nice and neat, got all my nuts and bolts in nice lines. Managed to put together three bits......... Dan finished the project and I decided to do some pruning in the garden. Well for goodness sake, you should have seen the instructions on how to set up the seat. Plus I think Dan had got a bit neanderthal and decided he could do it better. That was really my plan all along. I knew he would offer to help and then just take over. Mwwaaahahahahhhhhaaaaa!!!

I got bored pruning and watching Dan swear at the swing so Zack and I went inside for a snack and a drink. Fifteen minutes later Dan walks in, an air of smugness followed behind him:
"You haven't read these instructions all the way through have you?"
Not even looking at him I said, "I have because I went and laid everything out in a neat order so I could see which bits I needed and when."
"Oh" he said and then thrust the instructions in front of my face, "turn to the back page and tell me what that says."
I sighed and turned to the back page. Oh. We were instructed to dig four square blocks fill them with cement and pop in the ground pegs.
"Well who has some cement just lying about the house then?" I tutted. "I know, just try it in the ground on its own and see how sturdy it is." 
With that he went off mumbling something about health and safety. Twenty minutes later he came back.
"All done." He said. "Is it safe?"I enquired.  "Yeah, it's fairly solid, we'll just have to try him in it." 
Hmmmm, yeah, that's a good idea we'll use the one year old for risk assessment.
It turns out the swing was very sturdy and we let Zack experience the ooooohs and aaaaaahhhs of a swing.

We think he liked it. Well he knew something was going on because every time we pushed him to go up in the air his eyes would look upwards. He also did a quick check to the left and right when he came down. Either that or he was thinking oh my lord what have they got me doing now???

Have just checked on Prince of Persia as I assumed he would be asleep by now. No such look, wide awake enjoying the light show!!!


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