Zack's seizures have been increasing again

Zack is getting a new chair. The O.T (occupational therapist) came to see us to discuss what extra fixtures and fittings the Pants may need around the house. We talked about seating and she showed me some pictures of what is called the Sunbeam chair but shall be known to me as the ugly fabric chair. It has all the right padding and support to make sure that Zack is sitting correctly and not having to work to hard to keep his balance. The chair can also be put on a little stand so that he can sit at the table with us when we have our dinner. It looks very good but all I was thinking was who chose the colours, they are all so garish and will not go with my home colour scheme. Still, it's good that he is getting this seating so I'll just get past the bad colour choice.

I also asked her advice about car seats. Lately Zack has been getting very upset whilst in his maxi cosi seat. He has had it since birth and is usually okay in it, not moaning too much, but the last few times we have been out he has crunched up, started breathing really fast and then made a loud crying noise. He got so worked up that by the time you get him out he is sick. I imagined that it was because he was too big for it and probably uncomfortable in it. So I asked her to take a look. We popped Zack in his car seat, she took one look and said, yep, I think he is too big for this now. I think the give away was the fact that Zack looked like a squashed up fat child in the seat, even his cheeks were squished together.

Zack now has a new car seat. It's bloody huge and a pain in the arse to put him in as it is still rear facing. However, he seems happier in it and has not done any screaming. Yet. I tested it out when I took him to school on Wednesday. 

At school he learnt how to take his socks off his feet, well we helped him pull his socks off his feet. He also did his stretches and thought it was very funny when they did the riding the bike song. After all the stretching, singing and stirring of a bowl of soup (don't ask), Zack flaked out so we came home a bit earlier. We also brought back his first painting for his daddy to take to work.

Zack's seizures have been increasing again. We have asked to see the neurologist a bit earlier than our planned appointment. Dan spoke to him and he  said that there are definitely other things we can try for Zack. He was also pleased to hear that Zack is smiling and laughing. He suggested that this may be because his brain is beginning to compensate for the parts that are damaged or that the hypsarrythmia is getting a bit better, or it could be both. Either way it shows signs of development in Zack which is a good thing. I just don't like seeing him have the spasms again. I was getting to used to hardly seeing them at all. I have learnt that it can take a while for things to get right. With some children you have to add medications, up some doses, lower others before you can get some form of acceptable levels. Somebody did tell me that it is a rollercoaster of emotions and this is quite true. Just when you think you are getting somewhere you suddenly shoot back down again. But we are trying to remain positive and take encouragement from Zack.

Just too add coldsville has entered the house again!! I blame the infected children at school.


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