Nanny P thought he sounded like a little pigeon

Zack went for his fourth EEG. It didn't help that he got stressed on the journey there. He decided to take a dislike to his new car seat. By the time we arrived, he was clinging on to the harness for dear life, panting away with a red face. The poor little guy then had to be put in his pram which includes yet more harness, so again not happy. By the time we eventually got to the EEG department he was extremely annoyed. 

The receptionist came out for a cuddle with him, I just worried that he may actually spit all over her. She was more bothered about telling me how much she loves babies and has a new 9 week old grand-daughter. I was still bothered he might spit all over her.

Just before we were about to go in Zack managed to be sick so I told the nurse to give us five minutes. This was taken to mean come over and stand next to us whilst I try and calm Zack down. So no pressure to get a move on then.

Once we were in I said that he was a bit distressed, but they continued to wind him up even more by sticking the electrodes all over his head. And to top that off popped on a nice net bonnet. Great. Zack continued to be upset. By upset I mean this. When Zack is anxious he bends his arms at the elbow and opens and shuts his hands as though he is trying to grab something in mid-air. His breathing also goes a bit quicker. This usually happens when he isn't comfortable, is getting stressed or is going to be sick. Sure enough he was sick. But the EEG continued and the filming of the EEG continued too. Nothing was stopping this session from taking place. 

Whilst we were there Zack managed to do two of his subtle spasms. I pointed them out to the nurse and she said that there was a slight change in his brainwave pattern when he did it. She then came over and said ooooh lets shut your eyes now and proceeded to place her finger tips over Zack's eyelids to close them. This only added to Zack's increasing annoyance. I asked why she did this as I hadn't seen this performed during any of our other tests. She said that it was to see if it causes any changes in his brainwaves. 

Test over we were free to go. Zack wasn't for going in his pram so I carried him a bit of the way but he's a weighty bloater so I popped him in his pram and told him that I can't carry him forever and he would just have to lump it. He responded by trying to hold his breath and making his face red. When back at the car I got him back in the car-seat and accidently caught his hair as I was lifting him up. This resulted in a how could you cry and then he didn't speak to me for the rest of the journey. It was a very stressful morning. Not helped that he was starving hungry too.

We stopped over at the house of Nanny/Grandad Price were he got fed and fell asleep and I got a sausage sandwich. 

When he woke later on we managed to get him smiling and even some I am really enjoying myself vocal noises. To which Nanny P went "he's just made a noise, he's just made a noise". "Yeah I said that's what he does when we chat", you know like it was no big deal but really it's the most cutest little sound ever.  The best was when I laid him over my knee and pretended he was superman that resulted in super laughs. Nanny P thought he sounded like a little pigeon. A cute one though.

We go to see the neurologist in about a weeks time so we should have the results of the EEG then. However I have noticed that his spasms have gone down to about 2 or 3 again. So I think that they may have increased before because he has been poorly. He has been a bit rough with a cold (which I think he caught from school) and it is common for seizures to increase when ill. That's my thinking but I suppose all will be revealed.


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