I am sure he is going to have a lot of special needs

We went to see the paediatric consultant this week, the one that looks after Zack's development. She's quite nice but I think she is one of these very overly negative doctors. To be honest, I don't see the point in going to see her, the only benefit is that it gives us access to other services that we need to use.

She asked me lots of questions about Zack, weighed and measured him, messed about moving his legs etc. She suggested we go for an appointment to see the orthopaedics at Alder Hey so that they can X-ray his hips. I asked if she thought something was wrong with them. She thought the left was a little stiffer than the right, which it is and explained that sometimes children with disabilities have problems with their hips because they aren't moving them as much as other children would do normally. Fine I thought, just add it to all the other people we see. 

She asked if we had seen the neurologist about Zack's MRI. I told her we did and how he explained the severity of Zack's injury and what it may mean for him but I also said at the same time he doesn't know how Zack will develop. She said to me well, I am sure he is going to have a lot of special needs. Yes I said, but it won't be through me not trying to help him will it? Oh no she said in her sympathetic voice that people put on when they are trying to treat you kindly but actually what you want is just someone to talk to you as though it isn't the worst thing in the world. 

I was pissed off with her comment. I just thought, why did she have to say that to me. Does she think I have no idea what Zack's problems are or that I am deluded into thinking he might one day be running and jumping all over the place. No. I just have hope and an abundance of support for him. What are we to do with every child with a disability prop them up in a corner, pity them and just leave them in their own little world? Or do we treat them the same as any other child, give them extra stimulation, talk to them, play with them, love them and most of all have hope for them. I'm glad I only have an appointment with this doctor once or twice a year otherwise Zack and I may as well jump off a cliff. I don't need negative people in our lives so I will firmly shut the door and file that appointment away in never to be opened again. 

I told Dan about our encounter and her telling me that Zack will have many special needs. His reply....

"No shit Sherlock!" 

Amen to that.


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