Sadly with the nice weather and the beginning of what I hope will be a good summer is some sad news.

Another of our furry family members has been killed on that stupid, quiet country road outside of our house. 

Colin. Yes Colin. No other name would suit him, went missing on Thursday we searched everywhere all over the front, through the fields and nothing.  Colin was semi-feral, he always did his own thing, but occasionally liked the odd cuddle when he let you. 

Saturday afternoon and two young boys knocked at the door whilst I was out. They found Colin in the bush at the side of the road. He had been hit and killed by a car. We must have walked past him several times but we didn't spot him. I am thankful to those two boys who so nicely knocked on every door in the street to find the owners, so now I won't think the worst, or imagine him trapped somewhere, or attacked or suffering. He went quickly, well I hope and pray he did. It had happened on the morning he went missing and now he rests where the others lay. 

Goodnight Colin, another family member gone but never forgotten.


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