Do you not know I can't walk?

Zack now has a place on the Conductive Eduction classes at The Legacy Rainbow House

We have had to wait a good while as there wasn't a space available but now we are in and last Friday we went along to our first session.

Zack was not too impressed that he had to get straight in to doing some work. He likes to soak up the atmosphere, people watch, check things out. No such luck here we were straight into waving hello and sitting cross legged on the floor. 

Then we had to roll (Zack not me) to the benches. More stretches and singing. Zack protested by moaning a lot. Then it was standing, full on crying at that point.

Back to the mat again to put our shoes on and have a quick drink of water. A happier Zack but still pouty. 

Zack was then sat on a little wooden chair and held on to a bar in front of him. Errrm yes this was okay for a minute as it gave him the chance to take a look at the ladies. But a few minutes was enough he then got his own way and sat on my knee whilst he tasted chocolate and looked at his mouth in the mirror.

After saying good bye we were in the corridor with Zack stood upright holding on to the back of a small chair whilst the teacher moved his legs to step forward. At this point he was completely bewildered by the whole thing and if he could speak I am sure he would say, "What the bloody hell is all this about? Do you not know I can't walk?"

I thought it was brilliant. Zack thought it was too much like hard work. Tough. We are there every Friday morning, little Pants is going to have to suck it up. Tough mummy strikes again.


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