He can't do it as quickly

Oh the differences in child development. Scarlett is making it abundantly clear how easy it is for children that don't have a brain that is moth eaten to develop along a normal path.

Sounds like a I am being incredibly cruel about Zack but they are the facts. You look at his MRI and it's patchy all over. Little bits of missing pieces where the cells have died. The injury that will affect him for the rest of his life. I can quite easily sit here and type this without getting emotional as it doesn't upset me. I can't change what happened, I can only accept what happened and live our lives with as much fun and happiness as is possible. I think we are doing a pretty good job at that. Zack is a happy little man.

However, it is wonderful to see Scarlett just carrying on developing as a baby should without much effort at all. And good for her, she is doing brilliantly. 

The other day I had her on the changing mat and I was playing with her legs I put her feet flat on the mat and she lifted her bum up and pushed herself backwards. I did it again and she repeated the same action. She loves this game. It makes her smile a lot. She waits for me to say Go and then she does a massive push. Easy. 14 weeks old and it's a piece of cake. 

Zack loves this game too. He waits until I say push, concentrates really hard and then pushes back with his legs. He can't lift his bum. He can't do it as quickly and he wasn't doing it when he was a baby. But he gets the same enjoyment out of it. He understands the concept. 

I suppose what I am saying is their differences highlight the struggle he has. But I don't sit their and think oh how sad for Zack it just isn't fair, why is life so unfair, why can't he be normal, I wish he was normal. Nope I think ah well, Zack is doing what he can in his own way and I don't think I can love him any more than I would if he could do what Scarlett does. I love them equally. And they are both fabulous. 


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