This school educated them

We went to look at another school for Zack. This one was in Manchester available to children from the age of two years up to 16 years.

Now this is going to sound a bit odd but what struck me about the place was how every effort was being made to educate the children. Well, yes you may think it's a school, that's what they should be doing. What I mean is I have seen some schools and it just felt like whilst there was a certain amount of teaching going on, it seems based on creating sensory experiences for the children. This school educated them. They teach them to communicate, they teach them to read, they have music lessons. I was impressed. It was efficient. 

They didn't seem to accept that just because a child is labelled as having special needs that they are incapable of learning. They appear to make every effort to get every child to learn. 

Zack was clearly interested in what was going on. Doing his usual looking around our shoulder to check things out. You know, make sure he would find it to his liking. In one room the children got very excited about Scazzzah and came to have a look at the baby in the pram, who looked shocked to have a crowd. Zack was not happy about this. He glared at his sister. Something was not right, he's usually the centre of attention. He soon had an abundance of fans and all was right with the world again. 

We still have a few more schools to visit but so far I do like this one. 


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